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ABOVA CAPITAL S.R.O is owned by an American with head office located in Czech Republic. The company was founded on the 18th of June 1995 . ABOVA CAPITAL S.R.O deals on natural resources such as gold, coal, zinc, tin , coppers uranium, and other petroleum products such as oil and gas. The company also offers some financial services through crypto currency exchange and investment . We have generated over a trillion dollars in sales of natural resources.

Our vast experience and knowledge in the field of natural resources and crypto investment has earned us a strong reputation in the global market and beyond. Our services is a top-notch with our experienced and skilled team.


Our experienced and hard work has made it possible for us to set up branches and subsidiaries in other countries such as Germany, United States, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, united kingdom and France.

Our sole purpose is to increase the livelihood of the nation's through the sales of our resources and crypto currency exchange and investment in all the continent

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